Have You Seen This Virus

for my own safety, i wont disclose my name or other information, this is an important issue i must know if others have experienced.

recently, i encountered a strange "virus" if you can call it that, it didnt really act like a regular virus you would see when downloading whatever random crap you can off the web

it spoke to me, not even just through text, it just SPOKE to me, like it knew i was there, and it knew how to respond to me, it spoke my damn name too!

i dont remember downloading any malicious programs off my pc but i did a virus scan regardless, but nothing showed up, it never got detected once, even when it was on my damn pc for the 3rd time.

i wasnt able to get any images of the damn thing but, i wanted to atleast show off what it looked like so people can be aware of it:

dont judge, im not an artist

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